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Are you ready for a transformative and empowering birthing experience? Then look no further!

I am Sandy Blackwood, a loving and supportive doula. Choose me and I’ll be there to guide and support you through every step of your birth journey. Inclusive and a natural born cheerleader, I am not just a doula; I am your advocate, your confidante, and a reflection of your strength when you need it the most. I bring a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of compassion, I am dedicated to ensuring you have a positive birth experience that leaves you feeling empowered and knowing you were heard, seen, loved and appreciated. I believe in a collaborative approach where you and your support people are at the center of every decision.

Sandy Blackwood, CD

Highly recommend Sandy to be your doula! She has a great personality and kept the mood light, yet calm leading up to my delivery. During the delivery, she helped with my positioning alongside the hospital nurses, and gave appropriately timed reminders of breathing techniques when I was overwhelmed. I would hire her again for any future births of mine and recommend to any pregnant friends!

Melissa O.

I am so grateful that I met Sandy and hired her as my doula for the birth of my baby girl She made me feel so safe during the whole birth process and was truly such a blessing! Sandy have a very calming presence and energy, she got me in the right headspace every step of the way. Her knowledge, kindness, and witty personality made my birthing process a truly amazing, beautiful, and empowering experience. I only have the best things to say about Sandy, I would love to have her present for my next baby (whenever that will be.) 10/10 communication, 10/10 helpfulness, 10/10 respectful. She is such an incredible person and doula. I absolutely love her!

Sofie G.

Labor Support

Once labor begins, I will be by your side until your baby is born. 

Pre-Delivery Body Preparation

Personalized sessions with you and a partner. I offer body movement exercises, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Other Services Offered

Other services I offer include: Prenatal Visits, Postpartum visits, and discreet labor and delivery photography 

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Labor Support

Once labor begins, I will be by your side until your baby is born

Pre-Delivery Body Prep

Personalized sessions with you and a partner.  I offer body movement exercises as well as breathing and relaxation techniques

Prenatal Visits

Personalized sessions to discuss your birth preferences

Create memories

Photography during labor

Postpartum Visits

Check-in visits ensure your postpartum journey is recuperative and healthful

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